My Rare Experience In: IBADAN

November 22, 2016
Hey, rare beauties!
view from the top of Mapo hall
I visited Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State over the weekend with an amazing group of people. I have never been to Ibadan, I really never thought I was going to visit either because as much as I want to travel and explore, traveling within Nigeria doesn’t intrigue me as I got to travel to some states when I was younger and I had never heard any interesting thing about Ibadan, didn’t know anyone there so it never crossed my mind.

During the past month, I discovered “social prefect tours” which is co-founded by Chiamaka Obekwe and I really was interested in attending one of her tours just for the experience and the “daycation to Agodi gardens” happened to fall perfectly into my schedule.

I just found this interesting

The sun wasn’t playing!

On arriving Ibadan, we visited Mapo hall which is a really big hall where I think major events take place including federal events. All I honestly remember is just walking up the stairs to the top of the buliding and the storching sun! I was melting and practically couldn;t keep my eyes open. The top of the hall was actually used as a way of punishment for people that didn’t pay their taxes, it must have been the worst punishment, lol. 

Don’t be decieved by the laughter, my skin was burning lol
The good thing is, from the top of the hall, you have a beautiful view of the brown roofs of Ibadan houses. I mean the roofs looked ugly but, the view was lovely.
My top is from SHEIN.COM 

The next stop was Agodi park which was open to the public in 2014. This is basically a park with a zoo (the zoo is under construction and pretty much looks very old at the moment, good thing is, we were told before seeing it so no high expectations), a pool, a playground for kids and is lovely for a picnic with family and friends.

This monkey was only friendly with the white man (hey, Frederick) lol, racist.

My best part of the trip was traveling with my friends and meeting really amazing, fun people on the trip. Although I love solo traveling, group traveling can be fun when you go with the right people. Everyone was so energetic and just giving good vibes throughout. 

We played different games on the bus and also at the park, I’m already getting ready for my next trip!

PS: If you are eager to travel and explore Africa, you should totally check out social prefect tours , you wouldn’t regret it as you get to network and have a great time. Also, Chiamaka treated us really well, good food, snacks, games etc. 
Stay Rare x
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