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    My Rare Experience In: GHANA (PART2)

    November 7, 2016
    Hey, rare beauties! 
    A lot of people really liked the first post  about my Ghana trip and now, I feel bad putting up the second part this late :(. I decided to write it in two parts to avoid it being lengthy…

    My first night in Kumasi, I went clubbing (trust my friend to drag me to the club, hey Ruky) and it was a very funny experience, let me just say this- Ghanaians dance like Jamaicans! It was practically something else and I’m not exaggerating! I didn’t try clubbing in Accra so I can’t say if it’s different from Kumasi but I heard it is so till next time lol.
    The next day, we basically drove around some parts of Kumasi, visited Rattray park, which was lovely! If you ever visit Kumasi, you should totally visit and see the dancing waters.
    Such a beautiful view!

    I left Kumasi on the 3rd day because there was no way I was going to leave Ghana without experiencing a bit of Accra. Kumasi to Accra is about 6 hours. Well, mine was longer because there was an accident which caused traffic so sadly, I couldn’t go anywhere on my first day in Accra. Well, I got to Accra safely and slept as fast as possible because a girl was tired! 

    First and the only day I spent in Accra, I decided to see Makola market! Ugh, I loved the experience. At least no one was dragging somebody up and down lol. Makola is so big and I’m sure I didn’t see all of it, I didn’t want to get lost in another country, please. I did see a good part of the market. I loved the jewelry especially  the beads. People were helpful in the market too, always ready to direct you, I just kept smiling. 

    Bought some beads from this sweet woman

    I didn’t reserve a hotel room, I had options but I wasn’t sure if the pictures online were real so I didn’t want to take the risk  (don’t make this mistake, not safe.) 

    I ended up picking none from the options I had and found a hotel that was affordable for me with Daniel’s help! (Hey Daniel!), I met Daniel the night I got to Accra, he was God sent!. 

    I stayed in Safe haven hotel, Kokomlemle, it’s bed and breakfast by the way- this means, I get complimentary breakfast. The room was just fine- clean and comfortable, I enjoyed my breakfast as the area is not too busy and is just central – not far from anywhere, therefore, making it easy for me to get cabs and move around. It was also really close to the ABC Transport park so I was satisfied. The workers were super friendly and welcoming. They offered to show me some places and just made sure I was comfortable. They kept talking about the nightlife in Nigeria, how unsafe it was lol. I tried convincing them but… We know the result right? One sweet thing a worker did was wake me up the day I was supposed to leave so I didn’t miss the bus and I just thought that was very sweet of her. Sad I didn’t get her name, thank you if you’re reading this.  
    View of other rooms from my room


    Like I said earlier, I didn’t try the clubs in Accra (next time!) but, I drove around and also visited EDDYS PIZZA to have ice cream ( ice cream is a must-have wherever I visit) and it was lovely and affordable! just my kind of place. 
    The nightlife in Ghana is pretty safe. No one is touchy or rude. The men don’t hiss or try having useless conversations, the ones that spoke English were super helpful and weren’t hesitant to give directions. Most sellers I met were nice.


     I tried Ghanaian food- Watche, Tilapia & Banku , and their shawarma!!! Guys, their shawarma is hands down the best I’ve had till date! It is so big and full like you would actually struggle to finish one

    I enjoyed every part of this trip! I thought of canceling so many times because I didn’t think I could travel alone but, I challenged myself to. “Create the life you love” – this is becoming my motto in life because if you wait till you’re ready, you’d wait forever. So going on this trip was an accomplishment. 

    If you’re thinking of traveling, just do it!, do your research, ask questions and save! You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a good time. 

    Wait, did you read this post? 

    Stay Rare x
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