Nivea After Shave Balm In Sensitive As A Primer || Review

February 20, 2016

“YouTube made me do it”. My fellow makeup enthusiasts can definitely relate to this feeling.
This is definitely one of those products I purchased just because EVERY BEAUTY BLOGGER/ VLOGGER has raved on and on about this product. I first heard of the Nivea Men After Shave Balm in “Sensitive” from Nikkie of Nikkietutorials and although it caught my interest, I just didn’t want to purchase something I didn’t need.

Long story short, I bought it. I was in a random beauty store and just randomly bought it so here we are, reading a review lol. You might be reading this with a weird look, which one is after shave balm and what does it have to do with makeup? Don’t worry, I’d answer your questions.

This product serves as a primer which helps control the amount of oil your skin produces during the day. Its active ingredients include Glycerin which has a sticky formula and has also been proven to increase the staying power of makeup on the face!

When I read or watch reviews of any product, especially products that cater to those with oily/combination skin, I honestly always feel the urge to try ALL the products because if you have my kind of skin, you would understand the discomfort of seeing oil all over your face, especially after a good “face beat”, It just never looks or feels right and that’s one of the reasons I really wanted to purchase this product.

This product has a milky look and a liquid formula. It is liquid when applied but dries resulting in a sticky feel on the skin. The “stickiness” isn’t uncomfortable in anyway and doesn’t leave the skin feeling too dry or hard. It doesn’t have a strong smell (products with powerful scents make me uncomfortable), it has a “neutral” scent (if that describes a scent). Now the thing is, do I like this product? Is the rave really worth it?

My answer is “not really” because I feel I am about to have a love-hate relationship with this product. Though I experienced a slight (really slight-almost nothing)  reduction in the oiliness during the day, I didn’t see a “huge” effect as a primer on my skin. It didn’t just meet my expectations. As excited as I was to try this product, I was disappointed that it didn’t work for me as it did for others. Sadly, that’s what you get in the “beauty” game. But, I feel I may experience a change as I keep using it at least I hope so because an oily skin, the amount of oil your skin produces during the day changes due to different things like the weather, your diet, your skin care routine, health etc. So I have to keep my hopes up about his product.

Have you tried the Nivea men after shave balm? What do you think?

Price: #2000
Where to buy: (price might be higher)
Rating: 5/10

Stay beautiful

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