February 27, 2016

As I promised to document my acne journey in my previous skin care/ acne post, I have an updated post for you guys!
DISCLAIMER: Since this is clearly not a skin care routine post, I am not listing the products I currently use because I feel it is a bit too early and would like to give my skin time to adjust to these products.

I am really not someone that enjoys switching up products when it comes to my skin. I would rather stick to the stuff I know. However, my old products got tired of me rather quickly and I had to switch things up.
Although I didn’t get rid of all old products, I made the necessary adjustments relating to the products, my routine, hygiene and diet and my skin have made visible changes!

In January, I was breaking out all over my face and chest, experienced severe redness and overall roughness. 
Fast forward to this month, I’m experiencing less breakouts, a smoother surface and a great difference with the redness so I’m pretty excited.  

My skin undoubtedly has a mind of its own, for some reason, I’ve noticed that my pores look larger (maybe not larger, I might have just noticed it), I still have a lot of black spots but my skin definitely feels better. 
I’d love suggestions for products I can use for my dark spots in the comment section. 

Remember, your skin doesn’t define you. 

 Stay beautiful x

winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

Probably laughing really loud and eating too much Ice-cream!
winifred oribhabor

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