The Believers Tag! (Christian Journey Tag)

November 10, 2016
Hey, rare beauties!
I stumbled on this tag while reading Modupe’s blog, 

I don’t consider myself a “faith-based blogger”, I know I love Christ and sometimes, I would come on here, write about him in some posts. 
I love this tag and I decided to do mine. You also get to know more about me 🙂
Basically, there are ten (10) questions so here we go.

1. When did you give your life to Christ? 

If I remember correctly, 2014 but, I started growing in my relationship with God in 2015 and I converted fully to Catholicism this year. 

2. How did your family recieve your conversion?

Right now, I’m the only Catholic in my family and they never questioned my decision I attended a Catholic secondary school and slowly started attending Catholic church whenever I went home so they saw it coming, lol. 

3. When is your favorite time to fellowship with God?

I’d say Nighttime because of my schedule in school. Whenever I’m home, the morning is very lovely for me to talk to God because my mind is awake. 

4. How often do you pray?

I pray countless times a day. To me, prayer is communicating with God and I do this at different times in a day but consistently, I pray twice a day- morning and night.

5. What is your favorite book/books in the bible?

Corinthians at the moment. I’m still learning to be consistent with reading the bible but for now, I love Corinthians.

6. What church do you attend?

This one is complicated because I don’t have a permanent place of residence, lol. Most times, I attend Church of the Assumption. 

7. How would you describe your relationship with God?

God is my best friend. He knows me more than I know myself, He is my everything in one…ready to discipline me when I act out and ready to shower me with love and grace when I don’t deserve. My relationship with him is forever growing because I have a lot to learn.

8. What challenge/challenges have you faced on your walk with God?

Reading my bible! I’m wayyy better now though so, thank God!

Understanding that there’s no condemnation with Christ, there’s only forgiveness. Sometimes I allow guilt create a distance between God and I so this is something I’m working on. 

Also, to let go and let God in every aspect of my life. 

9. What are your spiritual goals?

To have the ability to listen.

10. Advice for a new convert.

Take your time in knowing God. Your relationship with Christ would not/ cannot be the same with another person so have a personal relationship with him. Allow the bible to guide you but try to have Godly relationships.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this. Feel free to participate if you like this okay? 

Stay Rare x

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