TAKING STOCK || Rare Notes From January.

January 30, 2017
Hey, rare beauties!
I wrote this post last year and even though I wasn’t planning to make it a series post, I actually love the feedback I got so I decided to do this again. Maybe this time, I’d do it monthly (no promises).
The school year has started for me and thankfully, it’s my last semester and it would get busy (it already is). I would try to post weekly but, I may be absent for some time because… priorities
Asides handling a busy semester and blogging, I am currently…

  • ReadingEnjoying where you are on the way to where you are going by Joyce Meyer. I told you guys about my “a book a month challenge” and I’m on my second book right now!Most of my devotionals are by Joyce Meyer and her knowledge is amazing! I got really interested in reading her books and I’m actually learning a lot from this book.

  • Listening toWazy by Hameed Idowu. This is my everyday song at the moment and Maryam (fashionbydaisy.com) and I seem to be the only people that like this song lol. I’ve tried to make my friends like this song but that isn’t working.
  • Wearing– A LOT of sleeveless tops, my favorite.

  • Admiring– Youtuber, Maya Washington of shamelessmaya. I love her work ethic, her videos, her skinnnnn (her skin is BOMB, trust me) and just how positive she is. 

  • Wishing– I was in another and I had a travel buddy to tour the world with. I’ve been left to wish since my last trip because your girl has school. Soon though!
  • Determined to– be more disciplined; financially, academically and spiritually. So far, I’m doing well. I’m journaling more in my bible devotional and keeping to my routine. I’m actually thinking of writing a post on journalingwhat do you guys think?

  • Craving– Ice cream! 

  • Excited to– share the new blog address! If you noticed, rareisbeautiful.blogspot.com is now rareisbeautiful.co (CO not COM). dot COM was taken already 🙁 I plan to change platforms but the blog name was my first concern. Also, do you guys like the LOGO? 

  • Anticipating– executing some plans I have for next month.
  • Loving– my HDHQ life planner. I’m  still trying to make good use of it but, the updated version looks really helpful for a productive 2017. You should get one.

  • Appreciating– Everything.
  • Planning– a theme for my Instagram feed. I would love something more organized and the process to figure this out is not as easy as I thought.
  • Happy about- Dimma Umeh coming back to the blogging world after a year! I missed her so much!

  • Unsure about– going organic with products for my skin because this acne process is something else.
  • Wanting– A new camera, a polaroid, and a small-sized camera! I really want these things, not too much right?
That’s all from me! What have you guys been up to?
How’s January so far? Comment below 🙂
winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

Probably laughing really loud and eating too much Ice-cream!
winifred oribhabor

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