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Starting My YouTube Channel!

October 12, 2017

Hey Guys!

Today I have no cool intro to this post. I tried to come up with one but, nothing worked and since I’m literally forcing myself to write this, let’s go with the flow. I’m starting a youtube channel! LOL. This has been my plan for the whole year and finally, the first video is live.

Why YouTube

Blogging is nice and all. I mean, I get to share so many things with you guys and all but, self-expression is something I battle with as I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself, my thoughts and just my life in general so I decided to try talking! I decided to just do it because YOLO. If I’m not good at it, at least I tried!  I would be honest and say that I am starting with confusion lol so let’s see how it goes! (I don’t mind suggestions from you guys).

Channel Name…

Is “Rareisbeautiful”. This channel will definitely show a different side of me. Different from the Winifred that writes and that is what I want and hope for. All I want to do is express myself. This is a journey for me, a journey to self- awareness and a way of pushing myself creatively and I pray this happens.

Watch My Intro Video!



So yeah! “Rareisbeautiful” is a Lifestyle and Beauty Channel that focuses on self-improvement, personal development, vulnerability and just life! I would share things as I learn and as I grow based on my experiences! I hope you guys like it! I’ve officially joined the “Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video” gang lol! So, Subscribe! and tell me what you like about this video and what you would like to see!

PS- I’m new to the editing thing so bear with me! Tech lessons are being taken! lol!

Give suggestions please!

Love you guys!

Stay Rare



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