On Turning 21 And Being Grateful.

December 8, 2016

Hey, rare beauties! 

It’s officially my birthday! Yay! Happy birthday to me. December 8th is a special day and would always be. I have to say though, 21 feels extra special and I have some special requests today! It does feel like the famous 21. 

My life is really about to start, lol. A part of me wants to be a baby again and the rest part wants to grow up and just DO THINGS! (I would update you on these feelings in the future!) 

Turning a new age always reminds me of God’s love. This year I felt closer to him and being able to even write this post is something I’m thankful for. I have a lot of plans for this new age but my first goal is to live intentionally and stay grateful no matter the circumstances. To begin, I’m sharing 21 things I’m grateful for and I would like to know yours too!

I’m grateful for:

Life- a new age, the ability to publish this post and see a new day. It’s been God and I’m grateful. 

My family- God chose these ones so I stay thankful!

Discovering Steven Furtick- God has actually used this man in my life. 

Rareisbeautiful.blogspot.com (though the name changes soon).


An intuitive mind.

A home.


The desire to know God and be better.

Ice cream!

Traveling this year.

My conscience.

My curiosity.

For good people in my life.

The ability to give.

Being special.

My body. 



My sister’s dog!


 I’ve never really written or would I say celebrated my birthday on this blog. Let’s just say I’m practicing gratitude this year and this is one way of showing it. 

Cheers to being 21  and feeling 21! 

Stay Rare x
winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

Probably laughing really loud and eating too much Ice-cream!
winifred oribhabor

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