November Favorites- The Shack, Audible & more.

December 15, 2017



I made a video on this but didn’t quite like how it turned out so I settled for a post. November was a good month for the most part. I stayed busy with work so that really took my time but, I was able to watch a few movies, listen to podcasts and you know, just the regular simple routine and I decided to share some of my favorites with you.

  • First on my list has to be a movie- THE SHACK. Amazing movie! This is a christian movie which centered on the relationship between a man, God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit. It showed how complicated we make our relationship with God and just God’s kindness, I love how God was a woman lol. I really don’t want to give any detail on this movie. Just go and watch it.

  • Another thing I got into in November was AUDIBLE (this is known as “audio books”, you listen to the recitation rather than reading the book). Being a buyer of books, which ends up in a corner of my room untouched, I thought audible might be a better option and so far, it hasn’t disappointed. I finished reading/listening to “BIG MAGIC” by Elizabeth Gilbert and I really liked it.


  • Press-on Nails- This one has changed my life to be honest and I’m sure my bank account is thankful. Getting your nails done in the U.S is relatively pricey compared to Lagos so of course, I had to try a cheaper version while trying to look presentable #struggle. Amongst the other brands I have tried, Kiss stood out for me. It comes with some sticky pads to attach the nails to & a nail glue. I always go for the glue because they last longer. My favorite set so far are these chrome nails! Love them!


  • Paula’s Choice BHA exfoliant- If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I have started using chemical exfoliants instead of actual facial scrubs. I had tried this in the past and I loved it because it contained salicylic acid and my skin really likes it so I decided to try again and I still love it! This comes in a liquid form and basically works like a toner but exfoliates so well. It goes skin deep and doesn’t just help the skin texture. BHA is known to be better for oily skin than AHA and I totally agree.

  • Daily Hope Podcast by Rick Warren- I’m slowly getting into podcasts this year and I don’t plan on stopping soon. If you watched this video, I mentioned some of my favorites. This month I discovered the daily hope. It is basically an audio sermon. I love how direct rick warren is! He explains the Bible and his points in a very practical way and I enjoy listening.

I know this is rather late but I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from talking about my favorites lol. So, how was November for you guys? what new things did you try?

Stay Rare,


winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

Probably laughing really loud and eating too much Ice-cream!
winifred oribhabor
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