Being A Highly Sensitive Person.

December 6, 2016

“You’re too sensitive”, “you’re so emotional”- sounds familiar?

I’m a highly sensitive person.

Being sensitive comes with its highs and lows…just like every other thing in life. The lows can be overwhelming but with time, you learn to accept the things you can’t change, work on becoming better and focus on the highs.

Being a Highly Sensitive Person comes with a lot of questions, overthinking and, in most situations, self-hate.

In most situations, I felt I had to apologize for my emotions. I mean,  I was the problem and my thoughts aren’t valid. I constantly had to make sure I wasn’t insane. 

Let’s see what you can relate to below, shall we?

Being highly sensitive…

I have an overactive mind that never sleeps so yes, insomnia is my BFF.

Horror movies aren’t for me

Those little things that annoy you like someone chewing carelessly, annoys me even more.

I desire a deeper connection with others but also have anxiety about it.

Enjoy being alone as I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.

I’m mostly misunderstood.

Deeply analyze everything.

Get overwhelmed easily.

Love being free.

Get emotionally invested in so many things like Tv shows! (I’m still not over Wes dying in HTGAWM, lol).
I’m highly intuitive which I’m thankful for but, really stresses me out most times
Struggle with taking care of my body (healthwise).
Have a love/hate relationship with this thing called CHANGE.
I’m creative.
I’m very imaginative.
From all these things listed above, you can pick the good and the bad. I call it the “highs and lows” but personally, I’m thankful for most of them. 
I can’t help that I feel deeply but I can control it. I overly crave meaningful relationships as I like stability and that’s okay. I wouldn’t change anything about these feelings as this way, I know what I want.

I’m learning that being an HSP doesn’t mean I’m emotionally weak or broken. What matters is growing into a better version of the person you are. God has made us fearfully and wonderfully. Therefore, we are not weak, we are not flawed. When you start embracing the unique you, you become more confident and begin to do extraordinary things.
If you relate one way or another to this post- cheers to accepting who you are and loving yourself,  to surrounding yourself with the people that are willing to stay with you for who you are and not trying to change you and to more valid emotions!
Have you seen this post on Friendship? 
Stay Rare x
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