December 31, 2014

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2014 was a deep year for my family and I but I cant even go into that right now, I’d say I achieved personal growth this year and  I’m very grateful to God because it could have been worse but we are all still here. You’re awake, alive reading this and that’s a good thing.

I’m not a new years resolution person. I think when I plan too much, I do nothing so I’ve just decided to live, make better decisions and stick to these decisions . these are some areas I’d like to work on in 2015.

not stress
I tend to stress and look so frustrated about little things from school work, to rules, to people and the environment I find myself in at that moment and sometimes I tend to stress about people that I care about. I worked on it this year but I hope to be better in 2015. sometimes we need to be calm in situations and not stress because God takes care of everything.

have a better relationship with God
 I worked on my relationship with God this year and it was among the best part of 2014 and in 2015, our relationship would be better.

to blog more
I know I wasn’t consistent with blogging this year and I have no excuses other than school or laziness. I’m going to try my best to find a balance and be consistent this year. I have lots of reviews coming up.

to exercise
 this year, I wasn’t feeling too healthy and I didn’t think I looked healthy too so I started working out. I decided that if I wasn’t happy about something, I should obviously work on it and that was part of my best moments in 2014 because I felt better but with school, Christmas and the food lol, I need to give exercise more focus and eat healthy in 2015.

to be more patient
yup, I’m not patient with myself, with people and I need to work on that.

to be positive
 I loved how positive I was about almost everything that occurred in 2014, it helped me get through bad situations and helped me deal with negative people in my life. they aren’t allowed in 2015 lol. I’m allowing more positivity in this new years and more positive people in my life. Negativity does a lot to the mind and you shouldn’t allow negative friends and even family define you. Be yourself .

Not to give a f**k
 yup, I’m that person that actually doesn’t care about what others think or their opinion especially when its negative. I don’t let other people opinion define me or feel like I have to prove to anybody or explain to people why I do this or that. the minute you care about what others think, you mess up your self esteem and that’s the worst thing to happen to anybody. I have dealt with low self esteem and at a point, I didn’t even feel I was good enough to have friends or anything and yes, I have had and still have times when I feel down or low but I try to talk to myself and feel better and PRAY. this is in 2015 because I would forever stick to this decision lol. Be a better person, be a better version of you. people who love you would love you and those that hate on you, don’t matter.

A better me
 I love personal growth lol who doesn’t right? I’m learning to be a better me, to love myself enough, I’ve learned that its okay to be imperfect, not to try too hard, to be a better version of me.

what decisions have you made for 2015?
happy new years eve guys!

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