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    current skin care routine.

    June 19, 2015
    Hey lovelies!

    I don’t know if I should apologize for my absence because it is honestly not my fault but then I feel really responsible so I’m sorry guys lol, too many things keep making me suspend blogging but I’m working on it and hopefully, I would find a bit of balance. I cannot promise to post frequently (I’m a student na) but it is definitely a work in progress 🙂

     lets get down to today’s post,

    I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my acne here than anywhere else. Changing products constantly can be extremely irritating right?  and those friends/family members that keep suggesting new products every time they see something different on your face just make matters worse lol. I decided to stick to the same for at least 6 months except the product irritated my skin and honestly it has worked quite well for me and saved me a lot of money too! These are the products I’m currently using and have been using since the beginning of the year.

    1. 2brodas black soap

    lool I know the name is quite funny. my friend gave this to me and I was like “what kind of yeye name is this one?” but you know, black soap for the melanin squad anytime any day!. I basically use this to as my everyday bathing soap but apply it on my face 10 minutes before I’m ready to have my bath and let it dry and it has really helped clear my acne guys! I basically use any black soap I want as far as it is a black soap and black soap is generally good for the skin.

    2.tea tree skin clearing facial wash

     honestly, I haven’t really been consistent with this recently just because the black soap is really okay for me. I normally use this twice daily but recently, once a day. I love this product, its really gentle on the skin, it has a minty smell/feel and it leaves your face feeling really fresh.

     3.Neutrogena oil free acne wash pink grapefruit foaming scrub

    I use this after washing my face with my normal soap and cleanser.  this smells soo good!! it contains really really tiny micro beads and it doesn’t irritate my skin. I exfoliate three times a week or anytime I feel like my needs it.
    lately, I’ve been using the “st. ives blackhead clearing scrub” I received in my boon box and I’m honestly loving it.

    4.clerasil deep cleansing toner

    I actually use any random toner from clean and clear, Neutrogena to Clearasil to garnier and others. I haven’t really found anyone that has done any amazing job to me skin. however, its very important to use a toner. I use this everyday, morning and night.

    5.bodyshop moisturizer

    I hate moisturizing in the morning 🙁 but I do it anyway because its important -__-. I moisturize twice a day, everyday. this moisturizer is so light on the skin and little application goes a long way. (I couldn’t find it when I was taking this picture, sorry)
    6.tea tress facial mask

    although I really like really like this product, I’m not consistent 🙁 I always forget to use it I don’t know why (bad beauty blogger?) but I try using it once a month. I think everyone should have a facial mask, its too important especially for the oily skin squad.

    do you have a skin care routine?
    please leave links below so I can read about it 🙂
     feel beautiful