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October 6, 2017

I haven’t been the most experimental when it comes to makeup or my skin. I mean I like makeup, you saw how excited I was about Fenty beauty lol. My skin is just too sensitive for that so I’m not trying to be Mrs. Adventorous. I just discovered Vaseline a makeup remover/dissolver for sensitive skin and this has to be the best and most affordable way to dissolve your makeup and of course, I have to share with you guys!

I might be late to this and a lot of people probably use vaseline already (if you do, biko, why didn’t you share with me?). Usually, I dissolve my makeup before using makeup wipes. I use oils mostly and in the past, I would use any oil (coconut, olive, castor) and didn’t realize that coconut oil wasn’t the best option for my skin as I have sensitive skin.

Vaseline as Makeup Remover

Dissolving your makeup helps to break it down and makes it easy to use wipes and take off your makeup without being too harsh on your skin.

My vaseline jar was sitting pretty and idle and I was like, why not? I use it and literally, my life changed.

What’s it like as a makeup remover?

Vaseline as makeup remover

Vaseline/petroleum jelly is as good as a cleansing balm! It is amazing for my skin so far. It is unscented which is perfect for sensitive skin, a little goes a long way and it dissolves your makeup in an instant. The thickness and waxy feel are actually what I love about it as it is not as watery as coconut oil. It’s thick but not uncomfortable in any way and so far, my skin loves it.

How I use it on my sensitive skin…

Vaseline for sensitive skin

I take a thumbed-sized amount with my dry hands and apply it directly on my face and give myself a little face massage for about ten seconds lol and wipe off the messy makeup with unscented/fragrance-free face wipes and lastly, wash my face with a cleanser and that’s it. I made a short video on my Instagram (you can watch it here).

So, do you like dissolving your makeup? What are the steps you take while removing your makeup?

What do you use as a makeup remover?

PS- Did you read my last post?

Stay Rare, x

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