Skin care | Retin A cream (Tretinoin Gel USP 0.05%)

August 13, 2014
Hey guys!
 If you have acne prone, oily, sensitive skin, you would understand how frustrating it is to try and find good products for your skin that wouldn’t give you more to worry about. I
ve always had/dealt with pimples, blackheads and more (more because I don’t even know if the things on this face have a name) but it got worse when I got to Atlanta (weather maybe?)
I was hearing so much about RETIN A gel and cream and I searched YouTube for reviews and I saw really good reviews and I decided to get the cream (0.05%) just for a start.

Price and where I bought mine:
I bought it for $17.99 from ebay because I really couldn’t wait to see a dermatologist and all that process (BAD) it’s not really the best idea to buy such products from ebay, amazon etc. You might be lucky and you might not. I would advise you see a doctor.

What it says:
Tretinoin makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight, causes dryness, redness, tenderness, swelling of the skin and burning sensation and these side effects less4en with time. Excess amount of cream or gel shouldn’t be used and the cream should be used on affected areas only. Exposure to sunlight should be avoided as much as possible or a sunscreen lotion should be used.

What I think about it:
During the first few days of using it, I was itching really badly (this applies to the affected areas) which made it worse because my dark spots got darker, I was experiencing a really dry flaky skin and when I used my “Cetaphil” face wash, it burned my skin badly so I stopped using the wash. I used a moisturizer in the morning, and the cream at night and you have to use a mild product without chemicals because your skin would burn so bad. After two weeks, my face didn’t get any better, it actually got worse. My spots were darker, I was breaking out, it just didn’t do it justice and I stopped.

However, this applies to me and specifically the cream because it comes in a gel form too. Recently, I read that the cream is best for people with dry skin and gel is best for people with oily skin (so I might have made a mistake there).
Every skin type reacts differently to different products, so this might work for you. This is what it did for me and I’m still thinking about getting the gel. I would just advise you see a doctor first and if that isn’t convenient for you, don’t use any harsh products while using this, you shouldn’t use it every day if the side effects get worse, always moisturize! Moisturizing is key even without this product and BE PATIENT.

If we share the same skin type, how do you deal with acne?
I would love suggestions.

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