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January 4, 2015

This review is overdue! I’m sure sogie from is giving me “the look” right now if she’s reading this (hopefully, lol). I’ve just been finding it difficult to talk about products in detail so please bear with me, I’d get better lol.

Last year, I wrote about my mini haul from here and honestly, I haven’t used these lipsticks so much because for lipsticks, I either go nude or really dark so buying these lipsticks was to try something different, monotony isn’t attractive you know.  I had never tried any nyx lipstick until now mostly because I really didn’t know anything about NYX till mid last year and the price isn’t really different from  that of mac lipsticks so…

Surprisingly,these lipsticks actually deliver! They are highly pigmented like you’d be shocked at the first swipe, glides on smoothly, matte but not drying. Well, I think the finish is a bit tricky, it can have a matte finish some days and other days, it has this satin finish and they last really long

Nyx matte lipstick Eden:

This color is a bit tricky. For me, it’s red but it looks brighter when applied. I’m not a fan of red lipsticks, I feel it gives me a mature look that I don’t want biko. This purchase was a mistake because I’m sure people are wondering why I got if I didn’t like red in the first place. It didn’t look red online (yup! disadvantage of shopping online) but asides the color, I like the staying power and it applies smoothly.

Nyx matte lipstick in merlot:

This color is tricky too lol. It’s a grape wine color but it has a pinkish look in pictures but I love it. it isn’t too bright and can go with different looks.

In all, I’m really pleased with these lipsticks, if you’re not ready to spend on mac lipstick, you can consider nyx lipsticks.  I’d would definitely buy more and be careful about the colors lol.

What nyx products do you think you’d purchase anytime soon?
Am I the only lazy person that loves shopping online?


Where to buy:


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