December 2, 2017

I know, I know… Winifred, you’re so stale! How didn’t you know about/try this eyeliner till now? Lol, I’m sorry guys. Better late than never right? I decided to share a review of the NYC liquid eyeliner with you guys.

Most days, I’m the simple makeup, eyeliner only with glossy lip girl (believe me, that made sense in my head).

Till now, I hadn’t found any eyeliner that was dark enough, not too shiny with a perfect finish. I was on the hunt for something affordable, of good quality and so far, NYC liquid eyeliner delivers!

About the NYC liquid eyeliner…


I purchased the black color. It comes in a shiny, slim, black bottle. The applicator has a very thin, fine brush tip which is perfect for a winged liner and applies really smooth.

The packaging is the regular size and very simple. The formula isn’t too thick or too watery, I would say it’s okay. It doesn’t smudge and last the entire day. I mean, till you take your makeup off of course.

So I’m sure you already know, I love it and it’s my favorite eyeliner right now and I wish they had more colors because I want to try colored eyeliners…(please recommend your favorite!)

Where to buy

If you’re in Nigeria- Accessoriesng –

– Baebeautyng-

If you’re not in Nigeria- Walmart, Target, Ulta, NYC website.



Tell me some of your favorite affordable eyeliners!

Stay Rare

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winifred oribhabor

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