October 20, 2016
Hey, rare beauties!

What’s a complete makeup look without an AWESOME mascara or better still, a fabulous pair of lashes???? I’ll wait. (Lmao, I hope I didn’t sound aggressive, it sounded cool in my head).

Recently I found @dodolashes on Instagram (you should follow me!) and I was intrigued! Apart from how beautiful these lashes, for $5, you bet I had to inform the world about it.

Personally, I don’t wear artificial lashes all the time and no, I don’t have long lashes either *cries in struggle*, I’m either always in a rush so struggling to apply false lashes would never be on my to do list or I’m just naturally lazy. I’m a sucker for the natural,neutral makeup look so anything goes for me. Now, whenever I put on lashes, I love lashes that can easily be applied and are reusable. My to go lashes used to be the Ardell lashes because I honestly I’m in love with them and girl, the price! Why wouldn’t I ? But I was eager to try mink lashes and I was on the hunt for affordable ones as most mink lashes arelet’s just say not within my budget.

These lashes come in a cute, slide-to-open glass case with directions/instructions for application at the back. I personally think is so impressive and makes it easy to keep the lashes. They are either original mink lashes or very similar to the original, I am not 100% certain as I haven’t tried any other pair of mink lashes prior to this.

The lashes may look dramatic in pictures but they are really sparse and give a very subtle natural look once worn. It comes with a thick but flexible lash band. The lash band is also pretty thin in the width so it doesn’t look or feel heavy on the eyes.

The application is pretty easy. The lash band actually made it easier for me during application as they sit easily on the lash line.

Dodo lashes offer INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY! Delivery doesn’t take long as well- within the U.S, it takes about two weeks and to Nigeria, two –  four weeks

Although I have an issue with the length, it is quite long but that’s a personal problem, I know a lot of people like long lashes so it’s a personal decision.

I’m wearing dodo lashes (D105) in this picture

I love these lashes and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone (I’ve forced my friends to buy some because, what are friends for? )

USE CODE “WINIFREDORIBHABOR” to get $ off your purchase xx

Have you tried dodo lashes or mink lashes in general? What do you think and which company do you recommend?

*The owner of Dodo lashes was kind enough to send me a pair in the code “D105” , this is my honest opinion about the product.

Price: $5/ about #2500 -with the current exchange rate 🙁
Rating: 8.5/10
Where to buy:

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Stay rare x
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