July 27, 2016

Hey, rare beauties!

I haven’t blogged for about a week now but honestly, it felt longer than a week. I’m actually happy I missed blogging lol. THANK YOU to those of you that contacted me concerning my blog being private, I really appreciate it. If you noticed, I have a new look on the blog and I hope you guys like it! (yay to GROWTH!) anyway, I have a review of the colourpop ultra metallic lipstick so let’s get to it!.

This is my first ever purchase from colourpop. You know when you see a product or brand everywhere and hear everyone rave about it but you never actually buy that product, yeah, that was the case. When colourpop announced the launch of the ultra metallic lipsticks and I saw the swatches (especially on women of color), I got really excited! like I was so ready for the release!

This release was HUGE, I mean the stock sold out in five minutes on the website! I was shocked and pissed because I wasn’t fast enough to purchase any. Thankfully, they restocked the same week and I was lucky this time (yay!). 
Metallic lipsticks are trendy at the moment, they give an edgy& classy look and I just want to say that it’s awesome that brands make it affordable for the masses.
I loved the shades -zebra& man eater from the first time I saw swatches of them, so that’s what I purchased. 
This picture looks somewhat blue, my bad.

These come in the normal colourpop packaging, they look so pretty when swatched, they look a little glittery, they have a soft feel but not liquid. They are really pigmented and not too thick in my opinion, the applicator picks the product really well.They swatched really well and effortlessly, a lot of people complained about these lipsticks swatching horribly but I didn’t experience any problem with mine. I have to use a lip liner before applying these lipsticks, they also apply smoothly and look really good with just one coat. When I’m not going for an edgy look, I leave it at just one coat and I’m fine. 

The only issue is the fact I have to use a lip liner as a woman of color but overall, I love these lipsticks! there aren’t many cons in my opinion and maybe it’s because I don’t have another product to compare it to. When I do, I would definitely update. 
Price: $6 
Where to buy: (they now ship internationally!)
Have you tried these metallic lipsticks?
Let me know what you think 🙂
winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

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