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July 15, 2014

a week ago, i went drugstore shopping with my sister (drugstore shopping haha) to get some skin products. sadly, i didn’t get most of the stuff i was looking for. these are the few products i got and no the bag wasn’t from the drugstore haha.
1. aveeno active naturals , daily moisturizing lotion

The weather change has really affected my skin and I was confused on what lotion to use and my sister suggested Aveeno and i wasn’t so sure, therefore the reason for the size. Just a week and I’m loving it! It moisturizes my skin really well and doesn’t have this dry look and is fragrance free! I‘m trying to use fragrance free products for my skin and i‘m loving this one.
EDIT: It tends to look a little bit white during the first stage of rubbing it in though.

2. l.a colors color craze nail polish

since i was little, my mum always bought L.A colors beauty products for my sister and i and i guess i‘m still attracted to them haha and honestly, they are really pocket friendly. so i got this nail polish and i love the color on my nails. however, its really light and requires 3-4 coats which i personally do not like but i guess girls who love light colors would want this.

3. sundown naturals vitamin E oil 

So I am trying this oil exfoliating technique. I’m sure a lot of girls know this already seeing that I’m quite stale. A friend suggested vitamin E oil and I decided to buy this one just because it was the first I saw, probably not a good idea lol. Firstly, in my opinion, this doesn’t work for oily skin! Before I concentrate on this specific oil,  I just want to point that out. I have however read that dry oil helps oily skin, but personally, I do not think so. I have a very oily, sensitive skin and well, this didn’t work for me (just putting that out).  
Now THIS oil is really thick and that irritated my skin because you cannot really be gentle with a thick oil can you?. I had to mix it with my body oil while exfoliating, it leaves your skin moisturized yes, but when using other acne products (I have acne and I treat them so I had to use other products) for me, it was a little irritating because I already have an oily skin so the oily feel wasn’t just what I wanted. My mistake I guess. Maybe there are better options (please let me know!) but in this case, this oil wasn’t the best.

4. Simple cleansing facial wipes

I’m trying fragrance free products because I have a sensitive skin (you should try it too) and my skin and this weather are definitely not friends, I know I know its sad. This facial wipes have been kind to my skin so far I’ve had no reactions so far, cleanses really well and leaves this cool feeling on your face, well on my face. i would possibly repurchase.  

5. Black opal total coverage concealing foundation (truly topaz)

Okay, this is not from the drugstore, but its a newly purchased item so it’s included. This is a foundation which I use as a concealer and I’m in love with it. It does its work really well and I’m sure it might be really good as a foundation for a lot of people. Love this one.

6. Wet and wild juicy lip balm 

I love me some strawberries! Ha ha, this lip balm was so cheap that now I’m using it, I feel like taking it back and paying more because it’s so good! My lips are literally not chapped anymore, just after a few days! (The weather tried to ruin things for me).  i love this product!

7. L.A colors nail polish remover pads. 

I definitely didn’t plan on buying a nail polish remover pad, but hey, strawberry scented? Just had to and I felt it would be really useful whenever I travel. It’s a little oily on the nails, but definitely does its work.

8. Zara medium sized handbag

Sorry, I couldn’t get a good picture of my bag, but its a new purchase I’m excited about. I’m in LOVE with bags, but this would be my first white bag (God help me). It’s pretty deep and really simple. i got it online from and it cost $59.90.
Please tell me I’m not the only one battling with really oily skin!
Who is in love with strawberry scented/ flavored products?

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