October 19, 2014
I thought I should share my everyday make up products with you guys :). I pretty much use the products and have the same look everyday, especially in school just because my school is really “basic-loving” and its just easier.


 Its very important to moisturize your face day and night girls to avoid dryness or greasiness be it light or heavy makeup. I never used to moisturize just because I didn’t think it was necessary for someone with oily skin (#badbeautyblogger) so I got this to try.  I use body shop “aloe soothing day cream for sensitive skin”. I use it day and night (absolutely ignoring the “day cream” written there). its really light on my skin so I don’t feel some type of way before applying my make up. its suitable for people with acne prone skin.its not oil free and an oil free moisturizer is better for us bad guys with oily skin. its not leaving my skin spotless(it didn’t say it would) but, its not making my skin feel or look worse in anyway so this is good for a start.

 I haven’t found a really good primer just yet as nothing is controlling this oily face of mine for now but, at the moment, I use milk of magnesia in original and it keeps my makeup in place for sometime, just not as long as id like but till I get a better affordable primer, id keep using this.

 I use Mary kay timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (bronze 6). you know some products you don’t love but you keep using? this is one of them. I like the finish look though, the annoying thing about this foundation is that it transfers easily even after a primer and transluscent powder (like, placing my head on my pillow for 2 seconds easily). till I find a better foundation , biko, I have to keep using this struggle.

I use cover girl “tru blend fix stick” in medium. I love this one, I use it under my eyes more frequently than on any part of my face. it blends easily, feels really light on my skin. I have watched youtubers rave about this product and I had to get it.

blush and bronzers:
In the past, I hated blush and everything about it, I just didn’t like the look. I remember giving them away when my mum get some for my sister and I (I regret now). I got this one from my sister (partly the reason for the look) and its estee lauder “just blush!” in peachblush-03. I love the color, its a calm pink, not too loud and I think its perfect since I’m new to the “blush life”.

For bronzer/highlighter, I use Maybelline fit me in “golden tan”. I use this as a highlighter most times because it isn’t as dark as I want it for a bronzer, it gives a really cool shimmery look and I love it.

eyes and brows
 I use  a very random eye pencil (no. 003) ,I buy it anywhere actually in Nigeria and its really cheap (N50 – 70). theres nothing to say about this one, its a bad boy for its price and the look.

 I use Maybelline gel liner in “blackest black”, you can read my post about it HERE. I’m loving winged liners at the moment, its not too basic for the “everyday look” and love how it makes my eyes look.

 Most days, I want a touch of color so I always use “Maybelline mega plush deep velvets (L100)”. I love this mascara! it isn’t thick, the color isn’t too loud, its just perfect.

I love lipsticks! I know I haven’t raved about my love for lipsticks on this blog but wait for it lol. I like going nude on regular days and my school doesn’t allow loud makeup so nude works perfectly fine. Right now, I’m loving:
TAUPE by MAC (my favorite)
L’Oreal color RICHE 610
L’Oreal “unending kiss”112 (pink nude) *in the picture above*

that’s all I use on my face, I know its so small I try to be careful with my face 🙂
what makeup products do you use everyday?
Any suggestions for a good foundation and primer?

winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

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