Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner

August 7, 2014
I’m sorry I haven’t been active as life has put some tough and lazy times in my activity (I don’t know if that made any sense.)
Oki dokie! This is kind of a review as I purchased this ” beauute ” about a week ago and I’m loving it so I’m going to happily rant about it 😀 
Maybelline! mhhm I just love them. They honestly make life easier for people like me and cheaper! How refreshing!
Packaging and price..
I got it at a drugstore (dollar general to be precise) for $3.00 and it came with this little brush which has a transparent kind of protective but open-top cover. i got the “blackest black”.

What I think about this product…
You guys! Firstly, it’s actually dark and that was the first doubt I had about it when I got it cos I wanted something really dark and I was truly impressed. It’s so pigmented (if that’s the best description), it gives a really nice matte finish and it literally lasts all day long. If you’re a beginner in the “eye liner” world, I’d recommend this eye liner!
What are your favorite Maybelline products?
I’m open to suggestions of other eyeliners so let me know?
winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

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winifred oribhabor

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