May 26, 2016

It’s my first time ever writing this kind of post. The fact that I think you guys are going to be interested in what I have been up to is the funny part but, it is my blog and I guess you just have to live with it lol. I am definitely not going to give reasons for my absence because, life. If I keep giving you my reasons, I’d keep feeling those eyes rolling at me. Let’s just say I am not the best at multi-tasking.

How have you guys been though? It has been a minute! 
Well, asides school, not a lot happened in last two months. 
I’m finally done with my fourth year in university and I’m so grateful to God, now I can face my professional year  and I can’t wait to say I’m finally done (very soon, very soon). School was quite stressful and just time consuming, I just was never relaxed, thankfully, God saw me through it all. 
I had my final year dissertation (we do this in the fourth year because I get my B.Sc in the fourth year) and it went really well. I was asked just one question and I was done! 
I attended driving school (finally). I’ve been anticipating this for so long because it is just needed in life lol.
I honestly lost my blogging mojo. I just didn’t feel like I was capable of doing this and some days, I still feel this way. Hopefully, soon enough, I’d feel better. 
I’m trying to get back into the reading and the writing game. My lovely friend Diane began my “reading journey” but along the line, with just general distractions, I stopped reading. I recently purchased some books and I’m pretty excited. 
I am currently breaking out which is so annoying! This acne life is definitely tough. I changed my environment so I expected it, but I just can’t wait to have a better looking skin. 
I think I’m getting better at photography lol, I’m a bit excited about the pictures I have and can’t wait to share. 
I need a vacation, enough said.

So beautiful, I knoww
What do you guys think about this look? Like it or no?  
 Let me know in the comment section!
Stay beautiful 
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