Let’s Talk About The Vagina.

November 15, 2016

Hey, rare beauties!

I thought I’d do something different today, hopefully, it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, lol. Let’s talk about the Vagina as it is literally one of my favorite things to talk about… Let’s not ask why.
This may/may not (would possibly) be a long post so grab anything to comfort you while you read this 🙂

Most times we really don’t want to have the girl talk about certain body parts and I don’t know why. Today is the day and yes, I’m literally forcing you and I know 85%-90% rare readers are girls so get comfortable. Personally, I’m extremely open when it comes to the vee-jay-jay, I literally talk about it as much as I can because a lot, I mean A LOT of girls do not know a thing or two about their vagina- when there is an issue, a different odor, color etc.

Let me be an open book-

After attending a boarding school for six years, my body went through A LOT! let’s just say I had to actually know and understand my body. With a sensitive skin, you bet it felt similar to hell because I was a regular in the hospital because of one infection or the other. I actually got scared I had cancer or something really serious (thanks google). Thankfully, it was never anything more serious than a yeast infection but I also realized that I wasn’t practicing proper vaginal hygiene.

(NOT) medically speaking, according to Google (I can’t remember the exact article I read), most girls/ladies experience yeast infection, candidiasis once or twice in their lifetime but reoccurrence may result in something more complicated. Now, to be real, I experienced a reoccurrence! And boy, I was worried! Thankfully, it wasn’t anything serious.

Now, if you’re experiencing any unusual activity down there- an unusual odor, color of discharge, itching etc. please, go and see the doctor- preferably a gynecologist.

Okay, after getting treatment as I said, I realized I wasn’t properly taking care of the vagina. Please let’s not imagine weird things, when I mean “wasn’t properly”, I just didn’t understand the sensitivity of my body and I needed to do that in order to avoid issues in the future.
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These are very common things I see a lot of ladies NOT doing or have NO knowledge of it at all (don’t worry, no judging) and from experience is definitely hygienic for your vagina-

Dry your undies directly under the sun or direct heat. 

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Ah, this one has to be my number 1. Being African, I feel like Africans just have so many beliefs and some are just so weird. Well, for me, what you believe works for you as long as you believe. Now it’s very known that heat kills germs right? This is why it’s so necessary for your underwear. Firstly, it ensures that your underwear dries properly- leaving no funny smell. The sun also kills all the germs through the direct heat. If drying your undies outside makes you feel uncomfortable, then use a dryer!

Avoid bar soaps, medicated soap or Dettol 

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Baby girl, you shouldn’t  use soap- bar, medicated or liquid to clean your vagina. The Vagina cleanses itself so there’s no need to use soap in there. Of course, wash your pubic area and the outer part but don’t use soap for the inner part of the vagina.
Medicated soap is extremely harsh for sensitive areas like this so avoid these as much as you can.
Most people use antiseptic in their water, I wouldn’t advise you to use this when washing the vagina. Instead, you should use antiseptic when washing your undies.

Let the undies go at night 
Do I have to say more? Your vagina needs air! Too much heat in there causes an unpleasant odor. Sleeping naked is more fun trust me.

Avoid douching! 

Credit: wikihow

This is very common and we don’t even know it! I didn’t understand what douching meant because they’re so many definitions out there without an actual definition. To my understanding, douching is using water to wash the inner parts of your vagina. You know that “intelligent” you that wants to remove every substance found in there while washing so you go as far as inserting your finger and using water to wash the inner, innermost parts of this delicate vagina of yours? Well, that “intelligent” you is wrong. According to WebMD “The word ‘douche” is French for ”wash” or ”soak.” It is a method to wash out the vagina, usually with a mixture of water and vinegar. Douches that are sold in drugstores and supermarkets contain antiseptics and fragrances. A douche comes in a bottle or bag and is sprayed through a tube upward into the vagina. According to health experts, including those at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), you should avoid douching. Having some vaginal odor is normal. However, if you notice a very strong odor, it could be a sign of infection. The acidity of the vagina will naturally control bacteria, and simply washing the vagina with warm water and mild soap is enough to keep clean.”

Don’t douche unless your doctor advises you to.

Leave fem fresh alone
All that talk of balancing the ph level in the vagina, let’s leave it, please. If you must use this, reduce it to maybe once every other week. Trust me, your vagina would thank you later.

Don’t be too harsh on the “veejayjay” 
Don’t fight karate with your vagina. Handle with care, wash gently and with your hands only! Don’t use a sponge and start scrubbing vigorously.

Don’t over wash
You feel, the more you wash, the cleaner/pinkier it becomes? (I’m actually laughing at myself for typing that). Washing your vagina when showering is very good (squatting is a good position to wash) but washing after using the restroom isn’t advisable (my doctor says the same) because that’s going overboard. Basically, overwashing affects the ph balance as the vagina cleans itself. Wash from front to back and also wash the anus from front to back away from the vagina.

Practice safe sex
Protect yourself and also, make sure you wash immediately after sex.

Wipe correctly
Front to back and not the opposite.

Wear breathable undies 
Tight underwear results in heat-sweat-an unpleasant smell-irritation. Wear your correct size of underwear and not something too tight or too big. Cotton fabric is the best to consider when shopping for underwear.

Razors or shaving cream- figure out what works for you
Some girls react to razors so they use a shaving cream instead or they wax! Just take your time and study your body, you would figure it out soon enough.

Take more attention when on your period or ovulating.
During this period, the vagina is experiencing heat and constant moisture. This can definitely irritate the skin so constantly changing would help. Pay attention to the odor, the color of discharge etc.

P.S- This is very different and I hate that I had to use stock photos but I hope you guys learned a few things, I’m still learning and I would love some tips from you guys.

If you have any questions/corrections please comment below or email me 🙂

Stay Rare x
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