July 12, 2016
100% positive that EVERYONE has heard about a facial cleansing brush! If you haven’t, I don’t know what to say! ( Where have you been though?). After seeing so many bloggers, youtubers, the internet actually rave on about the importance of a face brush, I decided to buy one. I considered an investment in my skin because… Why not? 

I purchased the ultimate spa system from Vanity Planet and I got this in Nigeria as they ship worldwide!

It came in a travel size case, it contains three brush heads- the exfoliating brush, daily cleansing brush and the silicone brush and it is water resistant.

Now what does a face brush do? – This deep cleanses your skin as opposed to just using your hands to wash your face. This gives your skin a deeper cleanse, tightens your pores and helps to reduce rough texture of the skin. This would help give you a healthy skin because using just your hands to wash or cleanse your skin doesn’t really do much for your skin, especially if you have makeup on. The facial brush would get rid of all makeup and leave the skin super clean.

Daily cleansing brush
I love it! I use the daily cleansing brush because I have a sensitive, acneic & oily skin. I need something soft and gentle except I’m ready to freaking break out. I have been using this for over two months now and I do not regret it. I experienced minimal breakouts when I started using it but that’s normal, after a few weeks, my skin adjusted.
 I use this in the evening with my cleanser 2-3 times a week- again because of the sensitivity of my skin and this routine works for me. My skin’s texture got better, it isn’t 100% smooth, but my skin’s texture was at 25% and since I started using this brush, it has improved to about 40% and I know it would have gotten better if my skin wasn’t so sensitive. I mean, I break out almost everyday so I can’t give this product an A for the texture because mine hasn’t really improved but, I would keep you guys updated.
 Another good thing about this- It uses batteries and this is what I found the most convenient because the light situation in Nigeria is a struggle.
 All skin types benefit from this, there’s a brush suitable for each skin type. I don’t know but, it’s amazing to me.
silicone brush 

DO NOT use your brush head more than three months, I tried it and it just didn’t have a good effect as it did the previous months. 

  • Cleansing- 10/10
  • Convenience- 10/10
  • Softness of brush- 8/10 (for sensitive skin)
  • Improving smoothness of skin- 5/10
  • Reducing pores- 7/10

I would definitely advice everyone to buy a facial brush, it is so important for your skin! 
Price: $125 (there are so many discount codes for this! I got mine for $40 using a discount code)
Rating: 8/10

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