How to Grow, Maintain & Lengthen Your Nail Beds! (5 Essential Tips!)

March 20, 2019

For as far as I can remember, I have always had really short nail beds. Let’s include the fact that they were also really brittle, unhealthy and I was a professional nail-biter lol.

I keep getting compliments regarding my nails and it feels sooo good! I mean, I’ve come a long way. See a picture of the before and after of my nail bed below!

My nail beds were really short. I know some people have short nails genetically but I’m sure mine were as a result of constant biting and cutting. I bite whenever I’m anxious or nervous and that was every time! I can’t say the exact moment I decided to change but I hated the way my nails looked and dreaded constantly getting artificial nails, so I slowly decided to change my ways.

I know a lot of people can relate to this so, I decided to share a few ways I was able to care for/ grow my nail beds.

Push back your cuticles, don’t cut!

Short nail beds can be natural but most of them are caused by continuous biting. While preparing your nails for polishing, push back your cuticles rather than cutting/trimming it with a cuticle remover. Your cuticles act a barrier that stops germs, bacteria from getting into your nail bed. Also, cutting your cuticles  make them brittle, weak and can hinder your nail growth! So next time you get your nails done, make sure they push back, not cut.

Use a strengthening nail base

I’m not sure of the exact name but things like nail primer, nail growth/ strengthener etc. I used la girl nail garlic (pictured below) for the longest time and my nails got stronger and I felt they grew faster (approach with caution).

Always polish your nails.

I don’t really advice fixing artificial nails regularly because this destroys your nail bed, it makes it thin and weak. Personally, I polish my nails always so I’m not tempted to bite them. Gel polish is my new fave! your nails feel strong so biting becomes boring.

Trim your nails, File your nails in one direction. 

Consistently trim or file your nails, this improves the nail growth. When you file your nails, file in one direction. Filing in all kinds of directions cause teeny tiny breaks in your nails, which may be the cause of chipping or cracking.

If you do use gel polish, don’t peel it off!

Peeling is so tempting! trust me, I know. When you peel off your gel manicure, you’re also peeling off the top layers of your nails, this can lead to cracking, brittle nails. Here’s a better way to remove your polish

That’s what I’ve learned so far! Shocking thing, when you actually take care of your nails, they grow and look better! Who knew? 

winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

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