Fenty Beauty Review

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb & Killawatt Highlighter || Review.

October 2, 2017


Thanks for the love on my last post! I love you guys!

Is it just me or the beauty world experienced a major attack this month? There were so many collaborations and EVERYONE awaited the launch of FENTY BEAUTY, which is Rihanna’s beauty line. 

I had mixed feelings about this launch because I felt it was going to be expensive, like extremely expensive. Rihanna definitely surprised me.

Fenty Beauty Review

The day it launched was too funny, everywhere I turned t0, Fenty beauty was there lol. Youtubers and beauty influencers went all in and gave reviews the next day! I was really impressed. Eventually, I purchased two things that I was really interested in asides the foundation because I have to actually go to the store to get my right shade.

Fenty Beauty Review

Products I purchased-

The Killawatt Highlighter in “ginger binge & Moscow Mule” and the famous lip gloss, gloss bomb.

Fenty beauty Review

I was on the hunt for a rose gold highlight last month and wasn’t sure what brand to buy from so with the launch and the need to try something different, I went for the “rose gold” highlight. The lip gloss was a done deal while deciding on which product to buy because have you seen Rihanna’s lips? she does it right so of course, I expected it to be amazing (that was the first thing I threw in my cart lol) and lip glosses are my favorite

Fenty Beauty Review

Killawatt Highlighter in Moscow Mule & Ginger Binge

Fenty Beauty Review

Fenty Beauty Review


My first impression of this highlighter was that they swatched so well. A tiny dab with my brush or tap of my finger gave a very good pigment. The highlighters are really pigmented and leave no white cast. It gives a soft rose-gold look and It is easy to blend either with your fingers or brush. With two highlighters, one side is shimmery than the other. Moscow mule is brighter and glittery while ginger binge gives a softer pink look. Both work well, depends on the look you’re going for. They work well as eyeshadows too.

Fenty Beauty Review

The packaging is cute and gives minimal vibes. I love how simple it. It comes in a compact form with a mirror on the cover.

You might find little particles or dust of the product whenever you open it. I don’t like that but, this happens with some of the highlighters I have so I’m not sure if that’s normal.

Gloss Bomb

Fenty Beauty Gloss

This is the only shade of lip gloss that was released. What I love about this lip gloss (asides the fact that it is generally awesome) is that the color suits all skin tones! Literally, it looks good on everyone. It comes in a pyramid tube shape with a rose gold cap.

Fenty Beauty Gloss

Fenty Beauty Gloss

The color is glittery, transparent with a little brown, nude tone (what a description Winifred). The smell is mild and sweet (lol, I really suck at descriptions). It applies smoothly and lasts for a good period of time (4-8 hours) while leaving your lips feeling moisturized and doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the lips.

I love these products so far and I would try to get my hands on the foundation to see how it works on oily, acne-prone skin.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Swatch

Where to buy:

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