Five things that can trigger breakouts

Five Easy Changes to Make When Breaking Out! (Managing Breakouts 101)

April 30, 2019

Breakouts aren’t fun, we know. The bumpiness, the pain, the feel, everything just stresses you out and stress = more breakouts! (Get it together skin, seriously!)

I didn’t think twice about writing this post. I mean, towards the end of January I started breaking out, it started as one of those random things- the tiny breakouts you can’t see, the “there’s-nothing-there” kind of pimples.

To be honest, I have a pretty healthy skin so yes, I was freaking out at these breakouts. Also, being low-key broke at that time meant I couldn’t get myself new products so I decided to look within and trace the TRIGGERS.

Sometimes, it’s not necessarily external factors that cause breakouts, it may just be habits or lifestyle patterns. Here are five things that may trigger your breakouts!

Stress level

There are a thousand and one things your stress level can trigger and trust me, acne is one of them. Note that I did not use “cause”; stress does not directly cause acne but it triggers factors that cause acne. This article via Dermalogica gives more details. In my own case, to put a bit of context; I was battling with combining law school stress with content creation, being an influencer and some of my business side gigs as well so I was constantly stressed both on weekdays and on weekends. I was literally drowning.

Change your pillowcase!

Seriously, when last did you change your pillowcase? I’m sure you have come across the meme making rounds on social roughly implying that you should change your sheets as opposed to buying new skincare products. Also there are so many articles giving facts on this!

Since your face mostly rests on your pillow while you’re asleep, it’s advised that you change your beddings (and pillowcases) at least weekly and if you sweat a lot, then twice a week.

Remember, acne breakout is really as a result of oil and dirt clogging your pores so you want to ensure that you are sleeping on a clean pillowcase.


Hormonal changes are known to trigger acne breakouts, this can range from ovulation to menstruation and even puberty. However, these type of breakouts usually leaves on its own but there are some products/supplements that help control them.

Recommended- Cosrx Bha Blackhead power liquid, hydrating toners such as Klairs Supple preparation toner (Hydration and diet is extremely important for hormonal acne)

PS- If you’re in Nigeria, you can find these products @Yourskinlove on Instagram.

You might be purging

Introduced a new product into your routine?

There’s always some new product to try or that has been recommended (we are guilty of this!). Sometimes, a new product can break you out, its that simple. This isn’t necessarily bad. If its tiny breakouts, you are most like purging and your skin is still adjusting to this new product. However, the product may not just be great for your skin (even though it works well for your fave or friend), so if this “reaction” lasts longer than two months (give or take), then you might want to quit using that product.

You are not staying hydrated!

Water seems boring, I know.

Truth is the amount of water you consume does not directly cause or reduce your acne breakouts. However, the essence of consuming enough water is to ensure that the toxic stuff in your system is regularly flushed out; the ones that trigger acne inclusive. Ensuring that you consume lots of water and water-based fruits regularly will help your system flourish, your skin as well. So in addition to every other healthy step and changes you’re trying to make, drink more water!

Have you ever experienced purging? What changes are you going to make to reduce breakouts? Please share.

If you know other triggers, feel free to share.

Ps: This is a guest post by @mercy-familusi , is accepting submissions on travel, fitness, lifestyle and beauty (celebrating and highlighting overall wellness).

Stay Rare, x.

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