2016 Recap & A Giveaway!

December 31, 2016

It’s almost 2017! *screaminggg* I’m so nervous and excited about the new year. I’ve always looked forward to a new year for the past 3-4 years because I couldn’t exactly say any of those years were fantastic. What’s different this time is I’m nervous about 2017 because I do have plans. I realize that the only thing I owe myself is to be happy and no matter how many times I tell myself, I let it consume me rather than work on it. 

This is going to be a long one so get comfortable and don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY! (Scroll down to Enter)

Looking back at 2016… I’d say I had some good times that I’m super grateful for.  Firstly, I got to see 2016! And I’m alive to write this post.

-This is my 50th post on the blog!

-I started journaling during the summer and did really good this time.

– I had my project defense, which went really well and my fourth-year result was also better than I expected. 

– I grew closer to God, received my first holy communion and got baptized. 

– I got to spend some time with my family during the summer. 

– I took a solo trip to Ghana, definitely the highlight of my year! 

– I tried something different with this blog and was way more consistent than I’ve ever been. 

I turned 21 and I got to celebrate it and be out of school for the first time in 9 years, lol! 

– I’m in my 5th & final year in school right now and it’s been God all through.

– I spent my Christmas in a different state for the first time in years! Small but special.

So yes 2016 was good and I’m thankful that I’ve grown into a better person than I was. If it for you, awesome!  If I’m being honest, it was tough. I struggled so much with myself and who I am growing to become. 

I struggled with anxiety and I was depressed. I allowed a lot of situations derail me and I didn’t know who to talk to or how to handle it. I cried most times & I laughed, I felt lost even when I had people around me. I felt alone. The only thing that kept helping was praying but

most times, I allowed my anxiety the lead. So 2016, was really a struggle with my mental health and just accepting myself. 

I don’t seek pity, I want you to check my blog and leave happy or at least with a smile on your face or feeling inspired. That your struggles are what make you beautiful because even through these tough times, I kept telling myself it would get better at some point. That these struggles make a beautiful part of my journey and this, I truly believe.

I felt the most uncomfortable with myself and I realized this was because I wanted more. I wanted to be better, to feel better and in wanting this, I put too much pressure on myself which also showed in my relationship with people. 

I realized that I was scared and yes, fear is good because it means I’m pushing myself and my goals, but I let this fear define me- the result wasn’t so good. I felt all over the place, was happy one minute and sad the next. 

In my spiritual life, I felt uncomfortable. I’m happy I felt and still feel this way because I know I want to be closer to God and A LOT of changes would occur in my life. So even when I struggled with not fitting in, a part of me felt better feeling that way than returning to some old ways. 

Am I nervous about 2017? Baby, yes I am. That’s good &bad but

it’s reality and I’d stick with it. Maybe because this year is when a lot of “finally” would occur, according to God’s plan.

I’ve spent December reevaluating, just telling myself the truth but also allowing myself dream big and realistically. What’s the aim in your relationships, your career, your spiritual life, personally, your education? 

While writing my goals and affirmations for the year- yes, affirmations because my mind is powerful and my tongue is powerful so this new year is about speaking into my life- Speaking my goals into existence. Well, back to what I was saying, while doing this, I came to realize that setting personal goals- goals for your emotions and actions, your perspective, etc. seals the whole deal while setting other goals! Basically, it all starts with YOU. YOU first before your career, your education, your finances. 

For example, you set financial goals and you’re successful at achieving these goals, but you have a bad spending habit and can’t for the life of you explain where all your expenses go. You already know the financial goals become a waste at this point right? Just a material example, but I’m sure you guys get the point. 

2017 is what I call the feel-good year for me. To find balance, be easy on myself and accept my journey, to take bold steps unapologetically

. To see myself through God’s eyes and how I would love to be seen. To always go to God first before anything and LISTEN TO HIM, to be completely vulnerable before Christ and be open minded. My year of talking less and doing more! My year of making moves in silence like the G in lasagne. My year of celebrating each stage and believing in myself, no comparison, believing that no one is better than me and I can do all things I set my mind on. My year of communicating more, not allowing anxiety take charge & not wasting my energy on people that don’t appreciate it. I hope to connect more with you guys on here and inspire you through my life. 

As usual, by the grace of God, this would be a new start filled with bold steps and positivity. May be tough here & there but I would go through it with God. 

I hope you’re excited for the new year. Believe in God’s plan (it’s tough, but something I’m trying to do is worship through it) & believe the year would be new, fresh and great! I have a challenge up already for the new year- A BOOK A MONTH CHALLENGE because I have to get better at reading.

I’m excited about the changes I’d be making

on here and to begin… It’s my first ever GIVEAWAY!!!

I’m grateful for you guys. Honestly, just you and commenting put a smile on my face & my friends that do cute stuff and come on here to comment, lol. 

This is just a way of saying THANK YOU. Don’t know what the future holds for “RARE IS BEAUTIFUL ” but right now, thank you. 

The winner would get the following items 
  • A D&G instenso purse 
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  • A BH cosmetics special occasion eyeshadow & blush palette. 
  • A BH cosmetics satin bronzer.



Giveaway is open NATIONWIDE.

Giveaway ends January 7th and the winner would be contacted the same day.

Now, what are your goals for the new year?

Stay Rare x
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