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March 20, 2015

I couldn’t even think of a better title lol.

I found out about this place through yagazie emezi and my first thought was how come I haven’t seen this place? like ive passed it so many times and i’ve never noticed its existence.  its actually their fault -_-  because they don’t have their board or anything we can use to identify it outside ahn ahn.
I made it compulsory to visit this place as I hardly ever go to places like this.

quintessence is a department store and gallery with authentic tixtiles, arts, crafts and furnishing. they have textiles of all kinds and even woven fabrics like aso oke. they also have gift items, designs from different artists that are sold in the store.

I love the place, they basically have almost everything relating to art if not everything (little bits of everything) . from beautiful paintings, sculptures, ceramics, books, jewelries, to shirts, children clothing, Ankara wears, purses, photo frames, duvets (Ankara), raffia hats, journals (Ankara), natural hair and skin products etc. oh, and they have good food!  although the things I mentioned are a bit pricey for me at least -_-, the lowest price would be N950 for the photo frames but for clothes, lowest price would be N8000 except their food. something I didn’t like was that the workers don’t really pay attention to the customers.

if you love art, I definitely suggest you
visit this place!

location: Parkview estate, ikoyi, lagos state
product: fashion, arts and crafts etc
price range: about N900 and above

winifred oribhabor

winifred oribhabor

Probably laughing really loud and eating too much Ice-cream!
winifred oribhabor

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