Hey! Welcome,

I’m Winifred Oribhabor, a marketing/communications enthusiast, aspiring businesswoman,  amongst other things! I like to think that a part of my growing up happened on the internet! So, being a major source of inspiration for me, this inspired to create such a happy, vulnerable and inspiring space for other people.

When I’m not working, I’m talking a lot, worshipping, surfing the internet, laughing really loud and probably eating!

I’m passionate about wellness, especially mental health and I genuinely always seek to be a better version of myself and I hope to inspire people to do the same.

About the Blog

Rareisbeautiful.co has evolved over the years, from a personal blog, it has become a lifestyle blog.

Rareisbeautiful.co is a platform that inspires you to be a better version of yourself by sharing tips and ideas on self development and being intentional about self growth.

We exist for anyone who aspires to a live an intentional life— a life that includes happy relationships, genuine faith, the desire to look your best, a passion for healthy living, a thirst for travel, and a strong sense of self.

The aim is to provide engaging content and imagery to inspire the pursuit of your passions on the path to creating the best version of yourself.

“Beauty is found in its rarest form, stay rare” – Winifred Oribhabor
July 11, 2017