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So you’re one of the cool people that read the about me page, I like you more now! lol okay, moving on…

I’m Winifred Oribhabor, the face behind rareisbeautiful.co.

I’m Nigerian – Esan to be precise and I currently live in Nigeria. I recently graduated from university with a degree in Accounting and right now, as I write this, I’m still figuring out the next step (just in case you were wondering).

I’m 21 years old and a December baby (fellow Sagittarius, hey!) I am a Christian and I try to act on this title as I live, trust me, it’s not so easy! I grew up in Warri, Delta State (so can I say I have the “waffi” blood in me?) and currently, I juggle between living in Lagos and Atlanta, Georgia.

A few of my favorite activities- watching movies, researching technology, eating cheap food and expensive ice cream.

Mental health is important to me.

Traveling is actually that amazing “thing” for me, the beach is somewhere I feel calm and meeting new people is fun for me but also make me nervous (hypersensitive person problems, lol). Oh,  I suck at texting and spend most of my time on youtube! I still struggle to get that fit-fam life going and if you’re like me, the struggle is real!

I have a very special relationship with my skin and just so I don’t confuse you, it’s acne. In other words, I tend to be a bit obsessed with skin care and find myself spending money on products!

Everything is a process for me. I always say this- I am forever a student in the school called life and I can’t stop learning. I’m a rare being trying to figure things out and grow daily. I’m on a journey to self-awareness. As I learn, I hope to share. I hope you read and leave feeling inspired.

PS- I hope we gradually become friends!


About the Blog-

Rareisbeautiful.co is a beauty, travel and lifestyle blog. This is a place of vulnerability, fun, inspiration, motivation, and positivity. Rare is beautiful sheds light on so many things- personal development, spirituality and importantly,  mental health.

“Rare is beautiful” because- I believe that beauty is found in its rarest form. Beauty has no definition, literally. I’m  learning to remind myself that- I am RARE and I am BEAUTIFUL and same goes for you- YOU’RE RARE & YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.

I hope to use this space to inspire you through my transparency to live and believe in your “Rareness”.

Stay rare x

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July 11, 2017

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